Red Ribbon Week

October 22, 2018
All Day

  • October 22, 2018 - All Day
  • October 23, 2018 - All Day
  • October 24, 2018 - All Day
  • October 25, 2018 - All Day
  • October 26, 2018 - All Day

Red Ribbon Week
Look for PRIDE student-created posters around the school to know what fun ways to dress up!   

  • Monday, picture your life drug-free and wear a college shirt to school.
  • Tuesday, team up against drugs and dress as a twin with your friend.
  • Wednesday, we have better things to do than drugs, like play games at lunch and have pajama day at school!  
  • Thursday, dress up in your future career outfit, showing that your future is drug-free.
  • Friday, wear red- as much red as you can!